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Laura Mellanen

I am an art practitioner, a critical designer and an urban activist, who works as both self-employed and hired expert within private and public sectors. I have also worked in the academic field complementing research concepts of many areas including organizational learning. Some phrases, images, gestures, rules etc. in an everyday life or action of a community have a stronger intensity than some others thus they catch my attention. These things have an evocative power and an inspirational potential that resonates in me. I tend to work in predefined situations, places or occasions within a limited time frame. The occurrences of these certain contexts are the reason for art pieces, and therefore I call my artistic practice context art.

Areas of interest: context art & critical design; Evocative reporting of knowing; creating knowledge through artistic research (John Dewey’s notion of pragmatism); concept of bricolage (Claude Lévi-Strauss); the fraud of participation

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