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Jérôme Fihey

Jérôme was born and bred in Nantes. He studied at the Nantes Arts School and did his master degree at the highly reputed National Studio of Contemporary Arts in Le Fresnoy. In 2005, Jérôme set up his own content producing company in Nantes.

Jérôme designed the Affincity dystopial fiction anchoring it into the urban reality of Ile de Nantes

Created by Jérôme Fihey in Nantes in January 2005, the Crabe Fantôme (Ghost Crab) designs, produces, shoots, broadcasts and promotes works and content for cinema, television and new media. All this through 3 non exlcusive major objectives: - priority to fiction, whether short, long or serial, links to contemporary art, the development of new ways of writing, producing and disseminating with original transmedia projects.

Take a look to his Portoflio

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