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Turtle Key Arts

Turtle Key Arts is a leading UK arts organisation with a mission to produce and devise original, inclusive art to entertain and inspire. They believe that access to the arts helps to improve the quality of life by bringing people together, offering creative opportunities, social inter-action, confidence and self-esteem. They produce a number of innovative and original theatre, dance and circus companies including the internationally renowned Ockham’s Razor and the unique integrated Amici Dance Theatre Company. They have a long track record of pioneering and running excellent arts projects, free to all participants, for disabled, disadvantaged and socially excluded people including young people with autism spectrum conditions, dyslexia or living with HIV and Turtle Song for people with dementia and their companions. In a typical year their projects reach a national and international audience of 30,000, they work with up to 3000 participants and involve around 250 artists and 20 volunteers.

“Turtle Key Arts promote many initiatives and implement a series of measures to engage with the most vulnerable and disadvantaged parts of society.”  - Everything Theatre -

Areas of interest: professional development of music students through applied; practice-based learning alongside professional musicians in the creative use of music making with people living with dementia.

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