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Italian Meeting – preparing a staged work demonstration; experimenting with crocheting, knitting, writing, and performing workshops for artist-led learning in higher education; developing intellectual output (academic articles and handbook)


The workshop started out with a textile laboratory, driven by the Italian team with an activity called ‘textile and language’ to provide all the partners with cues about the relationship between waving, crocheting, knitting and writing. The Icelandic team then drove the main activity, called ‘Crocheting as storytelling, the text is a texture, writing is crocheting’. The activity was based on the text are from chat on zoom the partners shared during covid pandemic.  For this activity, each partner had to pick a few sentences and work with that in a performative way. Videos of all the activities are reported below

Site Specific

Part of the partners met in Milano in person at Università Cattolica del sacro Cuore campus. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the workshop was held with the dual mode, so that a part of the partners could participate online, both through streaming and having off-line time to prepare videos, presentations, and hands-out. The workshop was meant to prototype, prepare, and stage the work demonstration, both building on the textile activities started during ‘the fake Italian meeting’, but allowing the partners to range across different techniques, materials, ways of performing. The Iceland team, especially, prepared cues and materials to drive the staged work demonstration.

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11-12-13 Sept2021


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