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We designed and implemented first ALL in a LUT University course 2019 and repeated it 2020 and 2021; it is now part of a course called Creativity in Innovation, all in all 60 MA industrial engineering  students took part. Students are all having engineering degree from applied university level and uprating it to a MA level, them all have years work experience in project management, R&D management or other specialist profession in business organizations.


Our focus is on investigating transprofessional collaboration – including lectures, students and artist – in the context of industrial management MA studies.  During ALL we have co-design and co-create a transprofessional approach.  We based our thinking to Ryebread model and Ba-model  which is from an article: Pässilä, A., Uotila, T. & Melkas, H. (2013). Facilitating future-oriented collaborative knowledge creation by using artistic organizational innovation methods: Experiences from a Finnish wood-processing company, Futures Vol. 47, pp. 59-68

Site Specific

Work demonstrations took place in LUT University Lahti Campus 2018-2021 all together 60 engineering MA students took part. LUT University investigation started 2018. Team members are Anne Pässilä (Senior Researcher), Satu Parjanen (Senior Researcher), Laura Mellanen (Artist & Visiting Lecture) Vesa Harmaakorpi (Professor of Innovation), Tapani Frantsi (Visiting Lecturer) LUT University Finland.

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