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Norway Workshop – Sharing and Staged working


The program included:
- Presentations of what partners are developing in educational programs at the moment
- Team building
- Experimentation with following methodology: test of Gothic Preference Scale (GP-scale)
- Questionnaire
- Intensive embodied writing-workshop experimentation: What if?
- Flow embodied writing on the topic: Designing a creative learning environment
- Sharing (improvised inputs, inspiration, disturbances)
- Walking discussion/hike tour

Site Specific

A smaller group of partners (Denmark, France, Norway and Iceland) met in Halden is a little town in the Southeast of Norway, 1 hour and 45 min by train from Oslo. Halden’s lifestyle is easy-going, relaxed, artistic and bohemian, the perfect environment for arts-based activities. The purpose of this September workshop was for the partners to become more familiar with each-others’ research projects, by means of reciprocal presentations, demonstrations, discussions of the projects and further development of educational design and scientific approaches; to possibly identify common fields of interest, problems and scientific approaches; experimentation with embodied writing workshop.

Invited inspiration by: Assoc. Prof. (University of South Eastern Norway), Are Branstad, Organizational Creativity/Innovation and music composition -out of the box thinking

Project coordinators: Prof. Dr. Glenn-Egil Torgersen, Prof. Dr. Herner Sæverot,

Project Numbers



Halden, Norway



Participant's number

16-17-18 Sept 2019


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