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“The fake Italian meeting – TFIM”. Workshop that we pretended to be in Italy, while it was effectively held online


Project updating, structured writing workshop, crocheting workshop launch, data collection for academic articles, coordination of upcoming activities and organization of upcoming events.

Site Specific

Update by all partners of the research they are doing and that will be collected in the Handbook. Kick off the crocheting workshop proposed by the Italian team and which will continue for the next few months, involving all the partners in a shared project. Data collection for various studies related to the ALL project on which several partners from different countries are working. Activities in smaller groups connected with IO: writing and thinking activities. Presentation of the web platform of the project to all partners by the Italian team, which is working on it. Coordination work in preparation for the next work demonstrations in Iceland and Denmark. Assessment activities lead by the French team.

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Italy & Denmark





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February 2021


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