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Anne Pässilä

Partner from LUT

Anne Pässilä is a partner from Lut University, specifically from Lahti Campus
School of Engineering Science. She is a pioneer in designing and applying arts-based research approach and arts-based methodology (ABM) for example participatory sensemaking activities in a technological and industrial management context. She is working in an interdisciplinary as well as transdisciplinary research context leading co-design of innovative qualitative research and development methods both nationally and internationally. She has specialized in learning in perplexed situation and has developed an arts-based method called collective voicing for that. In LUT she works within the innovation research team collaborating with various faculty (Software, Business and Economics and Sustainable Science) research teams. Anne identifies her self as pracademic. There is in interactive pdf that describes her Red thread -pracademic path.

Area of interest

Artistic research and art-based research methods integrated to produce critical reflection


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