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The pedagogy
the moment

The ALL project’s outcomes are described by the ways in which cultural understandings flow from one European culture to the other by making space for diversity and by being cherished and loved. Cultural loans across cultures can enrich citizens and constitute a shared heritage that is colourful and inclusive.

The ALL “handbook” embodies this dynamic processes by being built on four poetic threads, corresponding to different themes, which can be enjoyed freely and in the order that is more appropriate to the reader’s need. A poetic “red thread” binds the four themes together in one associative storytelling.

#1 Affect Transformation and the Artists Voices

The secret academic life of an artist and her sidekick after falling down a HOLE.

"Lumen in Tenebris" and Gothic Pedagogy.

#2 The Artist Educator Alliance

Artist Led-learning in Embodies Writing Workshops.

Leadership Development: using art-based methods to develop individual skills and artistic alliances to mediate collective processes in the theater.

#3 Community and Collective Learning

Artist Led-Experience: Turtle Song.

Shaping Collective Concepts through Artistic Activity: An Aestetic Approach.

#4 Performance & Performativity

Performative Inquiry: to enanche language learning.

The Dark Side of ALL - (DIS)Simulation

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